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Opera Evening “Romantic Songs”

Oktober 17, 2017
Cordts depot, Rubbertstr. 25, 21109 Hamburg

A concert evening with songs and duets from Schumann, Brahms, Loewe and Rubinstein with Christoph Rausch (bass-baritone), Frank Bossert (tenor) and Thomas Grubmüller (piano)


Paradise is locked
We must travel the world
To find a gate elsewhere

September 24, 2017
Erste Etage Wilhelmsburg, Rubbertstr. 25, 21109 Hamburg

Photo exhibition about working with mentally ill people on Bali with pictures of the Balinese photographer Rudi Waisnawa – Opening: Dr. Cokorda Bagus Jaya Lesmana


Extra Concert Spanish Grooves

Flamenco Jazz Concert

September 3, 2017
Damnatz Sculpture Garden, Am Elbdeich 19, 29472 Damnatz

With Spanish singer Elva La Guardia, guitarist Tom Hickstein, Argentine percussionist Marcio Doctor and musicians of the NDR Bigband


A Moment of Silence – a Stone for Hamm

Inauguration of the sculpture by sculptor Franziska Seifert

September 1, 2017
U-Bahn station Hammer Kirche, 20357 Hamburg


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Private initiative must accomplish what politics cannot. That was the guiding idea for Franziska and Tim Cordts when they founded their Cordts Foundation in October 2014. The entrepreneur and his children are determined to uphold material and moral values. The family is therefore bound to its participation in the responsibility of society as a whole to commit to the welfare of employees of the company and their families. One purpose of the foundation is to support them in exceptional situations such as financial hardship or illness.

The foundation’s central mission, however, is to support cultural life, in particular the visual arts, language, and music.

Damnatz Sculpture Garden

Since 2014 the Cordts Foundation has been helping with the maintenance and preservation of the unique sculpture garden in the Wendland which has been run by the couple Monika and Klaus Müller-Klug since 1994. Within this 10,000 square metre park, twelve artists created thirty large sculptures which form a symbiotic relationship with trees, hedges, and ponds. In December 2015, the Müller-Klugs donated the sculpture garden to the Cordts Foundation so it may preserve their life’s work.

Press release February 2016:
Skulpturenpark Damnatz an Hamburger Stiftung übergeben (Damnatz sculpture park transferred to a Hamburg foundation)

Neuer Ruf Wilhelmsburg 07/2016

Elbe-Jeetzel-Zeitung 30/06/2016

» Damnatz Sculpture Garden

Monika Müller-Klug: Mäandertor (Meander gate), Damnatz Sculpture Garden / Photo: Laura Weber
Monika Müller-Klug: Mäandertor (Meander gate), Damnatz Sculpture Garden

Assistance in Case of Illness

The foundation supported one of Tim Cordts’ employee’s family members who suffered a serious back injury. Due to wrong treatment she had to go into early retirement, and any movement caused her pain. The Cordts Foundation was able to pay for the patient to have an operation that alleviated her condition somewhat. In addition, she was supported when requesting her rightful compensation for damages.

Gallery Die Erste Etage

This special gallery, “The First Floor”, is located in the office building of Tim Cordts’ company in Wilhelmsburg. The rooms offer a large projection screen for contemporary art and modern artists. The gallery presents exhibitions at regular intervals.

Die Erste Etage (The first floor) Wilhelmsburg